Preamble of Washington Dossier, Founder June 1976

Special Note: My name is David Adler, I was the co-founder of Washington Dossier was the society magazine for the nation’s capital from 1975-1991. I am currently the CEO and founder of BizBash Media, the magazine, web site and trade shows for the Event Planning Industry. ( I am in the process of digitizing all the old issue of Washington Dossier. Take a peek at the issues below. The history of the era is remarkable.

“Our domain is where dreams are still alive with excitement, where a party is a wonderous event, and the freshness and fantasy of a well-dressed woman delights the heart; where the talk sparkles with wit and repartee is still an art form.

Lett he other media overindulge itself on misery, gorge on disaster. We prefer to tell about Chateaubriand served in a gold dish and La Tache bottled in a great year. Our world is the Washington scene that operates quite independently from the bureaucratic malaise.

Our heroes and heroines are not the power figures of the moment, tomorrow’s political ghosts, but the Prince and Princess of a far more enduring milieu, half fantasy, half reality, but never boring. Above all, never boring. They are the ones that glue our City its beat. They make the parties, go to the theater, the Art Galleries, the Concerts and provide the spice and backdrop for one of the most glittering social scenes in the world.

You see, while others may have been muddling through the sixties and part of the seventies with Cassandra, another thing was happening. Washington was growing up, busy becoming the Capitol of chic as well as chicanery.

While reporters with Pulitzer aspirations over people like mad dogs, sniffing into bedrooms. back rooms, barroom and courtrooms the Dossier will continue to walk on the sunnier side of Washington’s streets.

Our mission is to provide a saner view of our Capitol and its people who is no longer available in the major local press. Writing the social history of Washington is an enormous responsibility and we take it quite seriously. You see, we think that someday providing the world doesn’t go completely batty, our grandchildren will be curious about these times. We’d want them to know that our times weren’t all scandal and despair, anger and angst. There was still lots of class around; and elegance and wonderful conversation and fine people who enjoyed the good life and each other. That kind of history might be hard to find some day.

We’re looking forward to the new people will come with the Carter Administration. Having seen other administrations come and go, we expect that many of the Ford people will stay on in private capacities, relieved of the anxieties of official capacity. Lots of people, who came here for political reasons, never leave and they add to the diversity of our city’s life.

So we welcome the Carter people, and look forward to receiving them in our homes, and our social events. There are lots of Important things happening in that milieu. As they’ll learn very quickly”.

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